Sa 28. Juni 2014 in Forres / Schottland
European Pipe Band Championships 2014
Rang 8 im Grad 4B / Heat 2 


Sa/So, 3./4. Mai 2014 in Luzern
Swiss Pipe Band Championships 2014

 Pipe Band Competition 2014

1. Rang: The Pipes and Drums of Zurich (Schweizermeister)

2. Rang: Swiss Midland Pipe Band, Zofingen

3. Rang: United Maniacs Scottish Pipes and Drums, St. Gallen


Quintett Competition 2014

1. Rang: The Pipes and Drums of Basel

2. Rang: The Pipes and Drums of Zurich 
3. Rang: The Pipes and Drums of the Lucerne Caledonians


Solo Competition 2014


Solo Piping Former Winners Hornpipe/Jig

1. Rang: Craig Holmquist
3. Rang: Alex Gehrig

Solo Piping Former Winners March/Strathspey/Reel

1. Rang: Alex Gehrig
2. Rang: Craig Holmquist

Solo Piping Experienced Hornpipe/Jig

4. Rang: Andrea Zingg

Solo Piping Experienced March/Strathspey/Reel

3. Rang: Andrea Zingg

Solo Piping Advanced Hornpipe/Jig

2. Rang: Nicolas Nagy

Solo Piping Advanced 2/4 March

1. Rang: Nicolas Nagy


Herzliche Gratulation und Dank an alle Spieler !  







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